Network analyser NA96 (Nemo 96HD), 96x96mm Class 1

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Network analyser NA96 (Nemo 96HD), 96x96mm Class 1

This meter is fully compatible with IME Italy MF9600

Multifunction measurements (4 quadrants)
Active energy metering (2 quadrants)
AC supply
Single-phase, three-phase or 4-wire (adjustable)
Connection with external dedicated CT (optional)
2 pulse outputs (relay) for energy (optional module)
2 relay outputs (optional module)
2 analogue outputs (optional module)
RS485 communication (optional module)
Profibus communication (optional module)
Lon-Works (optional module)
M-bus (optional module)
Communication modules and alarm contacts are to be ordered separately!

Measuring values:
– 4-quadrant measurement
– Voltage: phase – phase
– Minimum voltage per phase
– Maximum voltage per phase
– Harmonic content of each phase
– Current: phase and neutral, average per phase, maximum average per phase, total current, harmonic content of each phase
– Total output: active, reactive and apparent power, power per phase / active, reactive and apparent power, average, maximum average
– Power factor: overall, per phase
– Frequency
– Working hours
– Active energy: positive overall, positive for each phase
– Reactive energy: positive overall, positive for each phase
– Active energy: negative overall
– Reactive energy: negative overall

Panel cut-out flush mounting: 92 x 92 mm
Depth: 62 mm, 81 mm (including optional module)
Body: Self-extinguishing plastic, IP rating IP40
Connection: Screw terminal, voltage: max. 4 mm2, current: max. 6 mm2
Housing material: Polycarbonate (self-extinguishing)
Degree of protection: IP 54 (front) / IP 20 (terminals)
Operating temperature: 5 to 55 degrees C
Max. temperature range (storage/transport): -25 to 70 degrees C
Temperature influence: Temperature influence < 0.1%/ degrees C
Power loss: < 5 W
Display: LCD backlit 68 x 65 mm
Measuring display: 4 lines / 4 digits
Reading update: 1.1 seconds
Energy count: 8 digits (6 2 decimals)
Accuracy ( 1 digit):
– Active energy Class 1 (EN62053-21),
– Reactive energy Class 2 (EN62053-23)
– Voltage: 0.5% (80 …. 500 V phase-phase)
– Current: 0.5% (10 …. 120% In)
– Power: 1% (10 …. 120% Pn, Qn, Sn)
– Power factor: 1% (0.5 ind … 0.5 cap),
– Frequency: 0.15 Hz
Programming: 4 front keys, access protected by password. Parameter retention in non-volatile memory
Mains type: phase or 3/4-phase connection
Current rating: 1 A / 5 A
Current transformer ratio: 1…9999 (current: max. primary current 50 kA/5 A or 10 kA/1 A)
Voltage transformer ratio: 1…10 (voltage: max. primary voltage 1,200 V)
Communication: Optional modules
Alarm contacts: Optional modules
Current and power average: Integration time 5/8/10/15/20/30/60 minutes
Display contracts: 4 levels
Backlight: 0/30/70/100%
Voltage range: 80 …. 500 V (three-phase AC mains phase-phase),
Current rating: 5 A / 1 A (only current transformer connection
Max. current Imax: 1.2 In continuous
Overload: 20 In/0.5 s
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Operating frequency:47 …. 63 Hz
Type of measurement: True RMS value
Harmonic content: up to the 16th harmonic
Start of measurement (energy meter): < 5 s
Intrinsic consumption: Voltage path: < 0.5 VA (per phase), current path: < 0.5 VA (per phase)
Auxiliary voltage: 80 ….. 265 V AC
Installation category: III
Pollution degree: 2
Insulation voltage rating: 300 V (phase – neutral)
Surge voltage protection: 6 kV, 1.2/50 micro s, 0.5 J
Emission and immunity tests: Acc. to EN 62052-11
Insulation voltage rating: 300 V (phase – neutral)

Plug-in module for Analogue contacts
Plug-in module with Impulse contacts
Plug-in module with alarm contacts
Plug-in module with RS485 interface
Plug-in module with RS485 interface and data storage
Plug-in module with Ethernet interface
Plug-in module with MBus interface
Plug-in module with Profibus interface
RS485 to Ethernet adapter
Software MIDAsEvo1 for up to 5 devices
Software MIDAsEvo2 for up to 20 devices
Software MIDAsEvo3 for up to 1064 devices



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Weight 0.385 kg
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Multifunction meter


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80-500VAC, X/5A